Start now and receive a 5★ Demon!!Special Campaign for Beginners!

Download SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 now and you will obtain a rare 5★ Demon through the Beginner Special Summon File you receive by starting a new game!!
You will also receive Magnetite necessary to fuse demons and the useful Tome of EXP that will aid you raise your demons' levels! What a great start!

Download Dx2 now and start your adventure with these great items!

■Who can participate?
Everyone that just started an account to play Dx2
■What are the contents of the Beginners' Presents?

Once you finish the starting tutorial, you will receive the following in your Gift Box:

  • - Beginner Special Summon File (a 5★ Demon is guaranteed to be summoned) Beginner Special Summon File

    5★ Demons available through the Beginner Special Summon File

    Race Name Race Name
    Megami Lakshmi Fury Zaou-Gongen
    Avatar Barong Vile Seth
    Fallen Samael Lady Asherah
    Kishin Thor Tyrant Surt
    Snake Ananta Herald Mastema
    Fury Susano-o Megami Ishtar
    Deity Amaterasu Genma Cu Chulainn
    Jaki Black Frost Night Lilith
    Dragon Quetzalcoatl Avian Garuda
    Jirae gogmagog

    *Only demons from the list will be available through this summon.

  • ・Macca × 100,000
  • ・Magnetite × 100,000
  • ・Yata Mirror 5★ × 5
  • ・Sword of Kusanagi 5★ × 10
  • ・Tome of EXP (3d) × 3
▼Download Here▼
※This campaign may be postponed or suspended due to unforeseen reasons.


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