Official Devil May Cry 5 SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 Collaboration! SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2

The collaboration event has started! From March 14 until April 3 at 23:59 PDT Login now to get a 4★ Dante!

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These devil hunters can make demons tremble!

The stylish action from Devil May Cry 5 is crossing over to the world of Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2, the latest RPG in the SMT series, featuring demon summoning, demon fusion and the Press Turn battle system.The Young Devil Hunter Nero and the World-Famous Dante have come over to Dx2 to hunt demons in style.

The Young Devil Hunter Nero

The young Devil Hunter operating out of the mobile Devil May Cry. Having lost his demonic arm (the Devil Bringer) before the events of the game, he stands against the invading demonic forces with a new power provided by Nico.

The Strongest Demon Slayer Dante

The proprietor of Devil May Cry, and a Devil Hunter of legendary proportions. Dante is a half-human, half-demon hybrid, born to a human woman Eva and the demon who saved the human world, Sparda. He overcame battle after arduous battle in his past, and currently serves as a barrier to any attempt by demons to invade his world. Dante greets any and all challengers with a signature smile on his face. At the behest of a client, Dante jumps back into the fray against demonic forces.

The Mysterious One V

Book and cane in hand, this slender man appears covered in impressive tattoos. Before chaos fell upon Red Grave City, he sought out Dante through the information broker Morrison and tasked him to subdue a certain demon. V lacks the power to fight himself, instead relying on three demon familiars to take the offensive in battle.
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Original Story Collaboration Event: Souls of the Devil Hunters

“Phew. Wow, so you're a Devil Hunter too, huh? And you use demons to destroy other demons? That's crazy.” You find yourself lost in the strange land of “Limbus”. Alone and surrounded by demons, you begin to seach for a way out of this world where ash falls over silent ruins as far as the eye can see. Play the collaboration event and earn Red Orbs!
Red Orbs are exchangeable for the characters of this collaboration, items and more! You can even earn more goodies from the rankings and the special missions available!

Collaboration event featuring Devil May Cry 5!

From March 14 until April 3 at 23:59 PDT Special 5★ versions of Nero☆, Dante☆ and V☆ are also available with exclusive skills based on Devil May Cry 5! Click here for more details

Collaboration Event Login Bonus

From March 14 until March 20 at 23:59 PDT Earn awesome items through our login bonus campaign! On the 7th day you participate, you can earn an Absolute Summon File that guarantees you get a 5★ demon!
Day 1 Superior Summon File
Day 2 Superior Summon File
Day 3 Ultimate Summon File
Day 4 Superior Summon File
Day 5 Superior Summon File
Day 6 Superior Summon File
Day 7 Absolute Summon File

About Devil May Cry 5

The men that devils fear are back. The strongest Devil Hunters are back and bringing their stylish style of action along with them! The newest chapter in the Devil May Cry series is brought to you by creators invested in the lore and with the best technology available!! You'll be amazed by how good it looks and how fast it is. This chapter of the popular Devil May Cry action game series will thrill you with it's state of the art engine.
Developer:CAPCOM Release:Friday March 8, 2019 Platforms:Xbox One/PlayStation®4/PC Players:Single player (1-3 players online) Genre:Stylish Action Rating:M

About Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

The latest game in the 'Shin Megami Tensei' series, Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 is a strategic battle RPG that includes all the features the franchise is known for, optimized for smart devices. The game utilizes the series’ popular Press Turn battle system, to create exciting yet deep battles that are fun to play! By 'Talking' enemy demons into joining them and using 'Demon Fusion' to create new demons, players can build their own unique party to lead into battle. Take on the role of a 'Devil Downloader', also known as a Dx2. Led by a mysterious man, you join the 'Liberators', a secret organization, and fight to protect the world.
Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Official Site
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