10/16/2018 19:00

Demon Fusion Sets Coming Soon!

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

Here we would like to introduce to you our new item packs which will be available at the in-game Store after the maintenance on 10/18 (Thu).
These special offers will be made available after a demon of the designated rarity has been fused, and can be bought with the in-game currency “Gems”.


- [NEW] First 4★ Fusion Special Set

Includes Magnetite and Sword of Kusanagi 5★!

Price 500 Gems
Requirements Obtain a 4★ demon for the first time through Fusion.
Purchase limit 1 time only
Items include - Magnetite x 300,000
- Sword of Kusanagi 5★ x 6

- [NEW] 5★ Fusion Super Growth Set

Includes Magnetite and training items!

Price 1,000 Gems
Requirements Obtain a 5★ demon through Fusion.
Purchase limit Once for every fusion.
Items include - Magnetite x 300,000
- Yata Mirror 5★ x 5
- Sword of Kusanagi 6★ x 6
- Aether Crystal x 1
[Update 10/19 0:10]
The 5★ Fusion Super Growth Set will become available when you return to the Home screen after performing a 5★ Fusion.
Neither the sales period nor the purchase limit will be affected by further 5★ Fusions after this set has been made available.
However, this set can be made available again if a 5★ Fusion is performed AFTER PURCHASE.

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Please Note

-Please note that the Sales Period may be changed without prior notice.

-Limited time only products may go on sale again in the future.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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