12/29/2018 19:00

(From 1/1) New Year Packs Incoming! New Demon "Mishaguji" debuts!

New Demon

"New Year Mishaguji Pack" includes 4★ Vile Mishaguji (Aragami).

4★ Vile Mishaguji  (Grade: 65)
  Aragami Protector Psychic Elementalist




Elec Boost
Arcane Ritual


Shock Concentrate Wild Instinct Drain Elec


Tetraja - - -

- Unique Skill

Skill Arcane Ritual Type Passive
Description While the demon with this skill is alive, all party members will receive the following effect:
20% increase in status ailment auto cure rate.

* Mishaguji’s archetype can be changed with Arch-Selector or Arch-Shifter.

* Mishaguji will be added to “Compendium” at a later date.

* Mishaguji cannot be created through Fusion, but might be added to Summons in the future.

* Mishaguji will be added to the demon list on AR mode at a later date.
To summon Mishaguji in AR mode, please tap the “AR” button on the Demon info screen.

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