01/15/2019 19:00

[1st Anniv.] Get a Rare Title! "Masakado Challenge" Incoming! (Updated 1/22)

Defeat the Four Heavenly Kings in the Aura
Gate to Play the “Masakado Challenge”
quest in Demon Buster!
A rare Title will be given to those who are able
to defeat Lord Masakado!


After the maintenance on 1/17/2019 (Thu) – 1/30/2019 (Wed) 23:59 1/31/2019 2:59 PST
 *The event period has changed. (Updated 1/16 0:30 PST)

How to play


Collect 10 “Sign of the Four Heavenly Kings” by defeating the “Four Heavenly Kings” that appear on floors 41 to 50 in the Aura Gate! (Updated 1/22)


After collecting 10 “Sign of the Four
Heavenly Kings”;
go to Demon Buster and select “Masakado Challenge” to challenge Lord Masakado!


You will be able to claim the rare Title
through the Missions screen!!

Please Note

- Please note that the event Period may be changed without prior notice.

- The amount of “Sign of the Four Heavenly Kings” you possess can be confirmed in Items.

- “Sign of the Four Heavenly Kings” items will remain in your Items list after the 1st Anniversary Events ends.

- The “Masakado Challenge” will no longer be available after the 1st Anniversary Event expires. But it may make a return in the future.

- The name of the event has been corrected. (Updated 1/23 PST)

- "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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