07/21/2019 23:00

Chance to get Gems! 1.5 Year Anniversary Festival

Chance to get Gems! 1.5 Year Anniversary Festival "Like Campaign" is now on!

Receive 1 Gem for every 10 likes!


Thank you for your support, 1 and a half years have passed since the release of "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2"!
To commemorate this, we are holding a "Like Campaign" in which you can get up to 1,000 Gems in total as a gift!
Just Like the designated post on Facebook and all players will receive a gift of 1 Gem for every 10 Likes!



How to participate

You can participate in this campaign by just hitting the like button on the post for this campaign on our official Facebook page.


Items will be sent to your Gift box at the beginning of August

Please note

- The total Likes of this campaign will include the "Likes" from our Traditional Chinese Facebook page and the "retweets" from the Japanese Twitter account.

- The limit for the total amount of Gems each player may receive will be 1000 Gems (10,000 Likes).

- Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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