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Reward Event

Reward Event "When You Wish Upon a Demon" Coming Soon!

Following the orders from a game,
a high school girl mangles her own
arm... Is this the work of a demon?


Clear missions to get Small Game Device, which can be exchanged for amazing rewards!

Collect as much as you can! You can receive up to 150,000 Magnetite if you collect a certain amount of Small Game Device.
Also, you can enjoy an original short story with this event!

Event schedule

-Event period
-Time period in which you can play the event quests and collect "Small Game Device":

-Item Exchange Expiration Time
Time limit for exchanging your "Small Game Device"

How to get to the Event screen

You can get to the Event screen by tapping on the icon seen on the right side of both the Home screen and the Hideout.
During the overlapping Item Exchange period of the previous event, you can switch the event icons by tapping the "i" button.

Rewards you can exchange with Small Game Device

Exchange the Small Game Device you've collected from quests and daily/main missions of this event for the following rewards.

Reward/Amount Required Exchange Limit
Monster Dew ×1 40 3
Hell Bull ×1 40 3
Tome of EXP (12h) ×1 40 2
Tome of Talk (12h) ×1 40 2
Yata Mirror 3★ ×1 80 3
Yata Mirror 4★ ×1 200 2
Yata Mirror 5★ ×1 500 1
Yasaka Magatama 1★ ×1 80 5
Yasaka Magatama 4★ ×1 500 1
Kasane Magatama ×1 500 1
Superior Summon File ×1 200 3
Skill Extraction File ×1 500 1
4 to 6★ Brand Cube ×1 150 3
Karma ×10 80 5
Macca ×10,000 40 10
Parchment Pieces × 1 500 5
Summon File × 1 30 30
Summon File × 1 100

Rewards for accumulated Small Game Device

You can get a max reward of up to 150,000 Magnetite based on the total amount of Small Game Device you've collected!

Reward Total Small Game Device
Magnetite ×5,000 100
Magnetite ×10,000 300
Magnetite ×15,000 500
Magnetite ×20,000 700
Magnetite ×100,000 1,000

Please Note

-Please check the Event screen for the amount of Small Game Device you have collected. it will not be displayed on your item list on the Home screen.

-You will lose all your Small Game Device after the event ends.

-Please note there may be changes made without prior notice.

-“SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2” Operations Team

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