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08/26/2019 00:00

[9/11 Updated] [Ver.2.5.00] Update & Maintenance

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

We would like to announce a scheduled maintenance for updating the game to the upcoming [Ver.2.5.00].

The game servers will be unavailable for the duration of the maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.



*The schedule is subject to change without prior warning.


- Implementing data for upcoming events

- Ver.2.5.00 Update


Democalypse is a new game feature designed for Factions, the beta version of which will be released with Ver.2.5.00.
Further adjustments will be made in the future to incorporate user feedback.

Democalypse is a Factions only feature where Factions compete over Areas within Tokyo.
Earn Score points in an Area and compete in the rankings with other Factions of the same area for ranking rewards.
Each Area has its own Score ranking, and the Faction with the highest Score will have its name shown on the Area.

Democalypse battles will be held periodically, with 3 phases to a cycle: Before Cull, During Cull and After Cull.

- Before Cull

The period for the Faction to choose a Target Area to fight in from the various Areas on the Area Map.
Each Area will have a different set of enemies with different weaknesses, all of which can be confirmed on the Area Info screen during this time. We recommend you to check each Area for its Area info and plan ahead with your Faction members before choosing a Target Area.
Only the Faction leader can manually select a Target Area, and the selected Target Area can be changed at any time within this period without limit.

If a Target Area is not selected within this period, one will be selected automatically at the start of the During Cull phase.
[9/11 Added] The area that your faction selected for the last cull period will be selected automatically. If any area has not been selected so far, an area will be selected randomly.

- During Cull

The period in which the Faction fights within the Target Area selected during the Before Cull phase.
Democalypse battles consists of two parts: Prelim and Boss Fight.
A party of 3 demons can be assigned to each part, but demons with the same name can only be used once per day even though two battles can be fought each day.
*Demons with a ☆ in its name like Bayonetta☆ are considered to be of the same name as those without the ☆.

In Democalypse, every demon will recover 10MP at the beginning of its turn, so it would be advantageous to have demons with powerful skills that cost a lot of MP to cast in your party.
And since Democalypse battles are conducted automatically, the AI Tendency of your demons will become an important factor. Players might want to make use of Tendency Selectors if the need should arise.
The Score you achieve from battles will be added to the overall Score of your Faction to decide your Faction’s place in the Rankings.

1) Prelim

The objective of this part of the fight is to raise the Bonus Rating by dealing a certain amount of damage or hitting the weakness of multiple enemies.

You will encounter a mass of enemies in the Prelim, but although they are numerous in number, they share a single HP meter. That is why skills that attack all enemies with the Attribute they are weak to are the most effective in the Prelim.
Prelim enemies are specific to each player, which means their HP is not affected by the battles of the other members of your Faction.

The Score Rating you start off with at the beginning of battle is called the Inherited Rating.
The Inherited Rating can be increased according to the number of players in your Faction that participated in Democalypse on the previous day, so players who are not as capable in fights can still contribute to the overall Faction Score by simply participating.

2) Boss Fight

The objective of the Boss Fight is to deal as much damage as possible to a single Boss demon to achieve as high a Score as you get. This Score will later be affected by the Inherited Rating and by the Rating Bonus you earned in the Prelim.
The Bosses in Democalypse are called Calamities, and you will encounter only one lone Calamity in a Boss Fight. Therefor skills that can do a great amount of damage to a single target are more effective during Boss Fights.
Calamities are specific to each Faction, meaning that the Calamity’s HP is affected by the battles of the other members of your Faction but not by those outside your Faction.
When someone within your Faction defeats the current Calamity, a new enhanced Calamity will appear to take its place.

3) Rules that apply to both the Prelim and the Boss Fight.

Battles will continue either until your party is defeated or until the designated turn limit, regardless of the enemy’s HP.
There are no Battle Assists.
Dx2 Skills will not activate.

4) Rewards

The following rewards can be earned in Democalypse.

Reward Requirement Item
Participation Reward Participate in Democalypse Reward Ticket
Vanquish Reward Vanquish a Calamity (Faction) 5 to 6★ Brand Cube R

*Reward tickets can be used to exchange for an assortment of items when Democalypse is officially released.

- After Cull

After the During Cull period has ended and all the Scores have been accounted for, Democalypse will enter the After Cull phase in which rewards earned according to ranking will be distributed.
All the results of the last Democalypse will be available during this period, and the name of the top ranking Faction of each area will be displayed on the Area Map.

- Simulation

Simulations are simulated battles that can be conducted freely in every area and every phase of Democalypse to see how your demons will act in battle.
No Score or bonus can be earned with Simulation.

- Please Note

*Faction members cannot Leave or be Removed during Cull, neither can the Faction be disbanded. Adding new members, on the other hand, is possible. And applicants can also be Approved during this period.

*Loki’s skill Trickster will not work in Democalypse.


*If in some way the game is shut down after a Democalypse fight starts, the fight will be forfeit and you will not receive any rewards for the fight or have your Democalypse Stamina returned to you. [8/29 Added]

*Only the Faction members that participated in Democalypse fights can receive the Faction Ranking Reward after Cull. [8/29 Added]

Aura Gate

- The map display of Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2 will feature a new mode where the display area is largely expanded.

- When your internet connection is lost during Auto Move, the game will automatically retry to connect, resuming Auto Move if the connection is successfully recovered.

- Talk event Icons in Aura Gate 2 will turned gray in color after the event is finished. But if it is activated again due to a new event becoming available in the story, it will return to its original color.

Dx2 Duel

- Enemy data like Affinities and Transferred skills can now be viewed on the versus screen before a DEF test battle.

Skill Adjustments

- The Spirit Merge effects that remain active after a demon is revived as Reiko Kashima will no longer remain active after the update.

- Shionyan’s Dx2 Skills “No Talking I/II” will be adjusted for game balance reasons. The adjustments are as follows.

No Talking I:

Before -25% probability of the enemy auto recovering from Mute.
After -10% probability of the enemy auto recovering from Mute.

No Talking II

Before -50% probability of the enemy auto recovering from Mute.
After -20% probability of the enemy auto recovering from Mute.

-Seiran Saikawa’s Dx2 Skills “Blossiming Love I/II/III” will be adjusted as follows.

Blossiming Love I

Before +7% to Healing skill effectiveness of all party members.
After +7% to Healing skill effectiveness of allies.

Blossiming Love II

Before +15% to Healing skill effectiveness of all party members.
After +15% to Healing skill effectiveness of allies.

Blossiming Love III

Before +25% to Healing skill effectiveness of all party members.
After +25% to Healing skill effectiveness of allies.

-Templar Dragon’s Dx2 Skills “Healing Master I/II” will be adjusted as follows.

Healing Master I

Before +5% to Healing skill effectiveness of all party members.
After +5% to Healing skill effectiveness of allies.

Healing Master II

Before +10% to Healing skill effectiveness of all party members.
After +10% to Healing skill effectiveness of allies.


- When selecting a demon to Awaken, Awakened demons will be displayed at the end of the demons list.

- When Transferring Skills, demons that own the skill you want to Transfer will still be able to be viewed even if the base demon does not have enough Transfer points to perform the Transfer.


- Special effects will sometimes appear when a 5★ demon or Skill Genome is summoned or extracted.


- The following Item Packs have been renewed. Sales of the replaced Item Packs will cease prior to the maintenance.
Under certain conditions, replaced packs may still be available for one purchase within a 7 day period after the initial login after the maintenance.

Item Pack Purchase Requirement
Ch.3 Completion Pack I Clear Chapter 3 Epilogue of the story
Ch.3 Completion Pack II
Ch.5 Completion Pack Clear Chapter 5 Epilogue of the story
Ch.6 Completion Pack Clear Chapter 6 Epilogue of the story


- Items exchanged with Fame will now be sent to the Gift Box, the same as those exchanged with Karma and Battle Points.

- A numbers slider will be added so players can designate the amount of each item they want to exchange.

- The availability of some items will be adjusted with the maintenance as follows.

Exchange Item Availability
HQ Yasaka Magatama 1★ 2 times/month → 10 times/month
Yasaka Magatama 2★ 1 time/month → 5 times/month
Duel Yasaka Magatama 1★ 1 time/week → 2 times/week
Yasaka Magatama 2★ 1 time/week → 2 times/week
Yasaka Magatama 3★ 1 time/week *No adjustments made.


- The following new titles will be added.

Requirements Titles
Make 70,000 steps in the Aura Gate Aura Runner
1. Level up Kresnik to Lv.50
2. Appoint Kresnik to your main party and defeat 50 Kudlaks
Vampire Hunter
Defeat 200 Mitama demons Mitama Slayer

- The order in which Titles are listed will be adjusted.

Other Adjustments

- The buttons linking to Orders and Dailies on the Home screen and the Hideout screen will be unified under a single Confirm Missions button.

- By tapping the Confirm Missions button, the buttons linking to Orders and Dailies will be displayed.

- If all Daily Missions have been cleared, only the Orders button will be displayed.

- If all Orders have been cleared, only the Dailies button will be displayed.

- A button linking to the News page will be added to the right-hand side of the Home and Hideout screen.

- By checking the Skip Megakin’s TOPIC checkbox, players will be able to omit Megakin’s VIDEO presentation entirely

- Mitama demons will no longer be selected when pressing the Auto button in Enhance.

Resolved Issues

- Himika’s lines ceases to be displayed when enhancing a brand to the Max.

- Kazufumi’s voice ceases to be played when certain procedures are made within the Store.

- Certain demons obtained through events cannot be used as Fusion material.

- The game freezes during Transfer in Pandemonium under certain conditions.

- The Chain Effect of Indrajit’s “Lord of Clouds” skill activates later than Chain Effects that activate when an enemy is downed.

- A message saying “Do not own a Tendency Selector” pops up when certain procedures are made.

- Increased status displayed even when no Brands are equipped.
[8/28 Updated] It has been confirmed that this issue still occurs under certain circumstances. This issue will be resolved in the next update of the game. We apologize for your inconvenience.

- Status boosts gained from Spirit Merge are not taken into account for certain Title mission requirements.

- The descriptions for certain missions of Battle Training 3 were incorrect.[8/28 Added]

Other Adjustments

- Replaced the 1.5 year anniversary application icon with the normal icon.

- Removed the beach items scattered around the Hideout.

Compensate for the maintenance

To compensate for your inconvenience, we will distribute the following item(s) after the maintenance to users who have held an account before the maintenance took place.

- Gems (Free) × 100

Available: After the maintenance on 8/28/2019 (Thu) PDT-

Please Note

- When updating the game, please go to the designated online store of your device and download the latest version.
WARNING: Please DO NOT delete or uninstall the game APP or your game data will be lost.

- It will be difficult for us to provide support for the game if it is installed on an external memory device such as an SD card. Please install the game directly to your device.

- Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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