12/12/2019 23:00

[Democalypse] Starting at 7:00 12/19 PST!

[Democalypse] Starting at 7:00 12/19 PST!

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

The Faction feature "Democalypse" will be held during the period mentioned below.


Democalypse is a feature where Factions compete through earning scores by fighting the demon called "Calamity".
The Faction choose a Target Area to fight in from the various Areas on the Area Map. Earn Score points in an Area and compete in the rankings with other Factions of the same area.
Each Area has its own Score ranking, and players will be able to receive rewards according to the earned scores.


"Before Cull" phase is scheduled to start at the first and third Sunday of every month. "During Cull" phase will be held for 3days, from Thursday to Saturday.
Please note Faction members cannot Leave or be Removed during Cull, neither can the Faction be disbanded.

Before Cull

During Cull

Areas Info


Calamity: Rebirth

Weak point


Calamity: Hatred

Weak point


Calamity: Fallen

Weak point

"Area Bonus" will be unavailable in Democalypse during this period.


The various rewards can be earned in Democalypse.

Participation Reward: Gems (Free) × 20
You can receive the reward by participateing in Democalypse.

Vanquish Reward: Democalypse Coin × 10
You can receive the reward by vanquishing a Calamity.

Ranking Reward:

  Gems Democalypse Coin Magnetite
Top 3% 300 250 500,000
Top 10% 250 200 150,000
Top 40% 250 150 50,000
Top 70% 200 100 30,000
Top 100% 200 50 10,000

The rewards listed above will be sent to your Gift Box according to the final faction rankings announced after the "During Cull" phase ends.

Exchange Reward
Players will be able to exchange the "Democalypse Coin" for various items on a Cull tab on the Exchange menu.

Exchange Lineup Democalypse Coins needed
5★ Herald Seraph (1st time) × 1 1,500
5★ Herald Seraph (2nd time and after) × 1 2,000
Seraph Spirit × 5 25
Absolute Summon File × 1 1,000
Ultimate Summon File × 1 100

*"Seraph Spirit × 5" will be available after "5★ Herald Seraph" has been exchanged.

*To prevent the Seraph Spirit x5 item from being exchanged beyond necessity, an initial exchange limit of 120 times (the amount of Spirits needed to complete all Spirit Panels) will be put into place. After the 120th time this item has been exchanged, this limit will be lifted.

Please note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

Democalypse Coins you can receive as Vanquish Reward will be claimable until the "Before Cull" phase of the next season will start.

The Score of Players involved with prohibited activities will be deleted, and measures will be taken without warning based on our Terms of Use.

If the game is shut down by a connection error or player’s action after a Democalypse fight starts, you still will receive the participation reward, Gem (Free) x20 but the Democalypse Stamina will NOT be returned to you.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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