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[1/29 Added] Aura Gate Sp Added!

[1/29 Added] Aura Gate Sp Added! "Lord of the ASURAS" Incoming!

Confirmed issues on certain event missions

It has been confirmed that player cannot clear the missions such as "Earn X points in one run" when player earn the exact amount of the specified points.

The save data for the accounts who experience this issues will be adjusted through the data update starting at 1/29 21:00. The players will be able to claim the rewards after this data update.

To players who cannot confirm the missions cleared after the data update

Additional adjustment will be made after the data update. We apologize for any inconvenience but please check the mission screen after a while.
The status change will be announced after the adjustment will be made.

All adjustments have been completed. [Added 1/29 23:26]

We apologize for your inconvenience.

Earn points to receive rewards
in the new game feature Aura Gate SP!


The event "Lord of the ASURAS" will be held in the new game feature Aura Gate SP!
Explore through automatically generated Aura Gate floors!

The player will receive "Blood Karma" based on the "Points" they earned through exploration, which can then be exchanged for the item "Asura Cube".

Event schedule

Event period: Part 1

Event period: Part 2

Item Exchange Expiration Time

[1/22 Added]
The progress of the missions will be reset when the part 2 of the event period will start.
*Excluding the certain missions which can be met the requirement at “an event total”.

How to get to the Event screen

You can get to the Event screen through the Event Home, which can be accessed by tapping on the Pixie icon on the right side of both the Home screen and the Hideout.
Then tap the banner for this event in the Event Home during the event period to get to the Event screen.
And also, you can get to the Event screen by tapping on "Aura Gate SP" button on Aura Gate screen which can be accessed through Map on Menu.

How to play Aura Gate SP

Play through the randomly generated map of Aura Gate SP to earn Points.
Accumulate Points to clear Missions for rewards.

Point scores are affected by various game factors such as remaining Action Points and maximum damage dealt in a turn.
The more Points you earn in one run, the more rewards you can get.

There are 3 difficulty levels to Aura Gate SP: Novice, Expert and Master.
A higher difficulty will yield more Points, and by clearing Aura Gate SP at your selected difficulty will increase the Run count of that specific difficulty level.
The Run count will be increased up to 30 for each difficulty. The player can play Aura Gate SP after reaching the limit but the Run Count will not be effected.
Increasing the Run count will raise enemy levels, as well as the bonus for Points.

During the event period, SP Ticket distribution and changes to Challenges will be made daily.
Clearing Challenges will give you Point bonuses at the Final Results screen. SP tickets will give you a reward bonus, and are automatically used if the player is in possession of one when playing Aura Gate SP.

A Boss will be waiting deep within the Aura Gate SP map. The amount of Points you can earn will vary with the type of Boss that you defeat.
The chance of encountering Bosses that yield more Points will increase with the Run count. Turning up the difficulty level will also increase your chances.

Points can be picked up or obtained from enemies in Aura Gate SP. You will obtain "Blood Karma" based on the Points you have earned at the Final Results screen, which can then be exchanged with items at the "Exchange".
You will also receive rewards by clearing Missions based on the Points you earned in Aura Gate SP.

SP Ticket
Using an SP ticket will give the player a "Blood Karma" item bonus rating in the final results.
SP Tickets are distributed once per day, and will be used automatically when playing Aura Gate SP if the player possesses one.
*A player can only hold up to 1 SP Ticket at a time. So if the player already possesses an SP Ticket, no additional ticket will be distributed.

3 "Challenges" will be available every day, which will give the player bonus "Blood Karma" at the end of an Aura Gate SP run when cleared.
These challenges will be specific to each player, and decided at random.
The status of challenges will not carried over to the next run in Aura Gate SP. The player will need to clear the challenges again in order to receive the bonus in Blood Karma again.

Stamina and Action Points
Stamina will be consumed to start an Aura Gate SP run, as well as other quests.
Action Points which is specific to Aura Gate SP will be used to explore Aura Gate SP. This Action Points will be given when player starts the run.
This Action Points will not carried over to the next run in Aura Gate SP.

*Unlike Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2, only one party can be dispatched in Aura Gate SP.

*You can pick up items in Aura Gate SP, but they will not be affected by Moon Phases.

*If you meet the requirement for clearing a Challenge in battle but lose or retreat from the battle later on, the Challenge will not be cleared.

*The results for Challenges that require the player to defeat a specific amount of certain enemies in battle will be tallied at the end of the battle.

SP Effects

The following demons have SP Effects that give the boost effects during the event period.
You will gain more "Points" than usual from battles if you explore Aura Gate SP with the party the following demon(s) assigned to.

Type Demons Effects
Tenma demons Points Gain +25%
EXP +100%
Macca Gain +15%
Fury or Brute demons Points Gain +10%
EXP +25%
Macca Gain +2%

The icon showing the boost effects will appear during the event period.

If you assign multiple demons with SP Effects to your party, their boost effects will be combined.
E.g.)If a Tenma demon and a Fury demon are assigned to the same party, the boost effect will be "Points Gain +35%".

The Point that you gain outside of battles, such as item drops will not be affected.

The boost effect for Macca Gain will also take effect outside of Aura Gate SP during event period.

The EXP boost will only affect the demon with the SP Effect. It does not affect other demons or the entire party in any way.

Rewards you can exchange with Blood Karma

Exchange the Blood Karma items you've collected for the following rewards.

Reward Required Exchange Limit
Asura Cube × 1 500 500

Event Exclusive Item "Asura Cube"

By opening an "Asura Cube" that can be only be obtained through this event, the player will be able to receive one of the following items.
*Asura Cubes can be opened via the "Item" screen.

Ara Mitama × 1
Nigi Mitama × 1
Kusi Mitama × 1
Saki Mitama × 1
Mitama Extract St × 1
Mitama Extract Ma × 1
Mitama Extract Vi × 1
Mitama Extract Ag × 1
Mitama Extract Lu × 1
Absolute Summon File × 1
Ultimate Summon File × 1
Special Summon File × 1
Superior Summon File × 1
Kasane Magatama × 1
Yasaka Magatama 2★ × 1
Magnetite × 100,000
Macca × 100,000

Please note

Please note there may be changes made without prior notice.

Collected Blood Karma items will not be displayed on your item list. To see the amount of Blood Karma you have collected, please go to the Event screen.

You will lose all your Blood Karma when the event ends.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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