05/15/2020 00:00

Season 15: Democalypse starts at 20:00 5/21 PDT!

Season 15: Democalypse starts at 20:00 5/21 PDT!

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

The Faction feature "Democalypse" will be held during the period mentioned below.


Democalypse is a feature where Factions compete through earning scores by fighting the demon called "Calamity".
Earn Score points and compete in the rankings with other Factions. Players will be able to receive rewards according to the earned scores.

Democalypse Season 15 Schedule

Before Cull

During Cull

Please note Faction members cannot Leave or be Removed during Cull, neither can the Faction be disbanded.

Democalypse Stamina will be restored at 20:00 PDT.

The Inherited Rating will be updated at 20:00 PDT.

The tallying process will be completed at , after the end of the During Cull phase.
You can receive the rewards and see the final rankings after tallying of the Scores

Democalypse Season 15 Areas Info



Weak point



Weak point



Weak point

"Area Bonus" will be unavailable in Democalypse season 15.

Upcoming Democalypse Schedule

The rotating schedule of areas will be changed as below.
Details to be announced via the in-game news at a later date.

Season Akihabara Shinjuku Odaiba
16 Ice Light Phys
17 Force Fire Dark
18 Elec Ice Light
19 Phys Force Fire
20 Dark Elec Ice
21 Light Phys Force
22 Fire Dark Elec

The rotating schedule of areas and weakness will be repeated after season 18.
If the Bonus Area function is to be implemented, it will be announced beforehand.

Your saved party settings was reset

Since the relationship between enemy weaknesses and areas will differ in Democalypse battles from Season 12, party settings will no longer be saved according to area as before, but according to enemy weakness instead.
Please note that all your saved party settings was reset during the maintenance on 4/1/2020 (Wed).


Please note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

Democalypse Coins you can receive as Vanquish Reward will be claimable before the "Before Cull" phase of the next season will start.

If the game is shut down by a connection error or player’s action after a Democalypse fight starts, you still will receive the participation reward, Gem (Free) x20 but the Democalypse Stamina will NOT be returned to you.

The Score of Players involved with prohibited activities will be deleted, and measures will be taken without warning based on our Terms of Use.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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