07/21/2020 00:00

[2.5 Year Anniv.] 7/21 On Sale! "Special Choice Pack" Incoming!

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

Introducing item(s) that will be available at the in-game store.

New Shop Items

Special 5★ Choice File

Can be used to perform a Special Choice Summon that lets you choose a demon and its Archetype to summon. (Common Excluded)
Complete with Premium Skill!

The lineup of the demons you can choose with this choice file. [7/26 23:50 Added]

★5 Hero Guan Yu (GRADE85)
★5 Fiend Mother Harlot (GRADE95)
★5 Fiend Daisoujou (GRADE81)
★5 Herald Metatron (GRADE99)
★5 Tyrant Lucifer (GRADE98)
★5 Hero Yoshitsune (GRADE97)
★5 Deity Vishnu (GRADE97)
★5 Fiend Trumpeter (GRADE94)
★5 Fury Shiva (GRADE93)
★5 Reaper Mot (GRADE91)
★5 Herald Michael (GRADE90)
★5 Tyrant Mara (GRADE90)
★5 Fiend Alice (GRADE89)
★5 Megami Izanami (GRADE89)
★5 Dragon Huang Long (GRADE88)
★5 Hero Huang Di (GRADE88)
★5 Hero Rama (GRADE86)
★5 Deity Baal (GRADE86)
★5 Drake Vasuki (GRADE86)
★5 Megami Lakshmi (GRADE85)
★5 Fury Zaou-Gongen (GRADE85)
★5 Avatar Barong (GRADE84)
★5 Vile Seth (GRADE84)
★5 Fallen Samael (GRADE84)
★5 Reaper Ixtab (GRADE84)
★5 Raptor Hresvelgr (GRADE84)
★5 Megami Anat (GRADE84)
★5 Lady Asherah (GRADE83)
★5 Hero Siegfried (GRADE83)
★5 Kishin Thor (GRADE83)
★5 Tyrant Surt (GRADE83)
★5 Snake Ananta (GRADE83)
★5 Herald Mastema (GRADE83)
★5 Fury Susano-o (GRADE82)
★5 Megami Ishtar (GRADE82)
★5 Deity Amaterasu (GRADE82)
★5 Reaper Nergal (GRADE82)
★5 Genma Cu Chulainn (GRADE81)
★5 Jaki Black Frost (GRADE81)
★5 Drake Fafnir (GRADE81)
★5 Night Lilith (GRADE80)
★5 Dragon Quetzalcoatl (GRADE80)
★5 Avian Garuda (GRADE80)
★5 Jirae Gogmagog (GRADE80)
★5 Reaper Orcus (GRADE80)
★5 Tyrant Tzitzimitl (GRADE80)

※The dimensional demons and alternative demons are excluded.

Please Note

Please note that the Sales Period may be changed without prior notice.

Limited time only products may go on sale again in the future.

-"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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