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Get new Skills!

Get new Skills! "Keeping Evil at Bay" Event Coming Soon!

Desires manifesting as a miasma.
Respect is now a relic of the past
and the Liberators seek a solution.


1Collect "Warding Plume" items to get great rewards!
2Up to  can be earned by clearing all the Quests of this event for the first time!
3A Ranking for collected Warding Plume items will also be available!
So make use of the event SP Effect to collect more!
4Genomes for new Skills available as Ranking Rewards!

Warding Plume
A feather from the Kujaku Myo-o.
It cleanses the three poisons and wards against other evils.


Event period

Item Exchange Expiration Time

Ranking Part 1

Ranking Part 2

How to get to the Event screen

You can get to the Event screen through the Event Home, which can be accessed by tapping on the Pixie icon on the right side of both the Home screen and the Hideout.
Then tap the banner for this event in the Event Home during the event period to get to the Event screen.

SP Effects

The following characters have SP Effects that give boost effects during the event period. You will gain more Warding Plume items from battles if you have them assigned to your party.

Type/Effects Demons
Warding Plume +100%
EXP +100%
Macca +15%
5★ Deity Mahamayuri
5★ Reaper Cernunnos
5★ Vile Pales
Warding Plume +25%
EXP +25%
Macca +2%

Part 1:
Drake, Foul

Part 2:
Jaki, Snake

The demons listed above are shown in their base rarity.

The icon showing the boost effects will only appear during the event period.

If you assign multiple demons with SP Effects to your party, their boost effects will be combined.

The boost effects for EXP and Macca Gain will also take effect outside of this event during the event period.

The EXP boost will only affect the demon with the SP Effect. It does not affect other demons or the entire party in any way.

New Skill Genomes

5★ Force PranaPassive
+15% to Force damage and recovers 5 MP when clearing a wave.

5★ Dark PranaPassive
+15% to Dark damage and recovers 5 MP when clearing a wave.

Commemorative Summon File

You will be able to obtain Commemorative Summon Files through this event! These items can be used to perform Commemorative Summons that include new 5★ demons Mahamayuri, Cernunnos and Pales in the lineup!!

Commemorative Summon which can be performed by using Commemorative Summon Files will be available until . Please use Commemorative Summon Files before the summon expires.

Time-limited Monster Dew

Use to recover Stamina during a limited period. (Recovers the same amount of Stamina as regular Monster Dew.)
These will expire on .

Event Quests

As you progress through event quests, the following quests will unlock:

Bonus Quest
A type of quest suitable for collecting Warding Plume items.
Sometimes rare demons will appear in Bonus Quests!

Challenge Quest
2 Challenge Quests differing in difficulty level are available!
*NORMAL only

Type 1st Clear Reward
[Advanced] Challenge Title: Kujaku Myo-o of Cleansing
Challenge Title: Palace of Life & Death

Event Missions

Daily Missions
Missions that can be cleared every day during the event period.

Missions Reward
Log in Warding Plume × 10
Use 10 Stamina Warding Plume × 10
Finish all Daily Missions Warding Plume × 10

Main Missions
Missions that can be cleared during the event period.

Missions Reward
Finish all Daily Missions 5 times Warding Plume × 100
Finish all Daily Missions 10 times Warding Plume × 100
Use 100 Stamina Warding Plume × 100
Use 300 Stamina Warding Plume × 100
Use 500 Stamina Warding Plume × 100
Use 1,000 Stamina Warding Plume × 100
Fight 5 Dx2 Duels Warding Plume × 100
Enhance Brands 10 times Warding Plume × 100
Evolve a demon Warding Plume × 100
Awaken a demon Warding Plume × 100

The Exchange

You can exchange Warding Plume items collected from event missions and quests for the following rewards.

Reward Required Exchange Limit
Commemorative Summon File × 1 200 10
Time-limited Monster Dew × 1 100 5
1,000 5
100 50
1,000 30
1,000 1
80 6
200 4
500 2
80 20
500 1
40 100
100 3
1,000 1
200 3
30 30

Accumulation Reward

You can receive the following rewards according to the total amount of Warding Plume items you amass.

Total Amount Reward
100 Time-limited Monster Dew × 2
300 Commemorative Summon File × 2
2,000 Time-limited Monster Dew × 3
3,000 Commemorative Summon File × 3
6,000 Commemorative Summon File × 5
7,000 Time-limited Monster Dew × 5

Ranking Reward

You will receive reward items based on your final ranking of total Warding Plume items collected.
This ranking event will be held in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

You will be rewarded all the Titles beneath your final ranking as well.

Rank Reward Item Reward Title

Part 1:

Force Prana Genome × 1

Part 2:

Dark Prana Genome × 1

Keeping Evil at Bay

Part 1:

Force Prana Genome × 1

Part 2:

Dark Prana Genome × 1


Part 1:

Force Prana Genome × 1

Part 2:

Dark Prana Genome × 1


Be Proud




Please Note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

Violation of our terms of service during the event may result in your account being removed from the Rankings and also suspension.

Collected Warding Plume items will not be displayed on your items list. To view the amount you have collected, please go to the Event screen.

You will lose all your Warding Plume items when the event expires.

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