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Competitive Faction Event

Competitive Faction Event "Liberators! Chop' til You Drop!"

The Aura Gate turns into a forest!
But instead of trees, demons sprout!?
The Liberators gather to investigate...!


1Defeat the demons "Wood Mandrake", "Wood Es" and "Wood Alraune" in Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2!
2You can get rewards from Missions and Faction Rankings!

This event is available only to players who belong in a Faction.

Event schedule

Event period: Part 1

Event period: Part 2

Item Exchange Expiration Time

You can receive the rewards after tallying.
It may take time to complete the tallying process after the event ends.

Please note Faction members cannot Leave or be Removed during the event period, neither can the Faction be disbanded.
You can join a Faction during the event period.

How to get to the Event screen

You can get to the Event screen through the Event Home, which can be accessed by tapping on the Pixie icon on the right side of both the Home screen and the Hideout.
Then tap the banner for this event in the Event Home during the event period to get to the Event screen.

Target demons

The following demons defeated in Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2 will be taken into account for the missions and rankings of this event.

Wood Mandrake

Wood Alraune

Wood Es

The demons mentioned above will appear in Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2. But please note that they will not appear on all floors.
Share the information with your Faction members to find the target demons!

* Demon Talk will not be available for the rare demon Wood Alraune and Wood Es.

Rare demon

During the event period, the demon Wood Erlkonig will appear in Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2 as a rare demon.
You can get items by defeating it!

* Defeated rare demon Wood Erlkonig will not be taken into account in the rankings.

* Demon Talk will not be available for the rare demon Wood Erlkonig.


Missions for personal rewards.
Clearing missions will yield rewards.

Examples (Missions):
-Defeat any of the 3 demon types from the Aura Gate demon outbreak.
-Pick up items in the Aura Gate 25 times.
-Fight in Avenge battles 1 time, etc.

*Missions without the words "event total" will reset when Part 2 of the event begins.

Examples (Reward):

Ara Mitama
Nigi Mitama
Saki Mitama
Kusi Mitama

Ranking Reward

The rewards you earn will be determined by the accumulated number of the target demons your Faction members defeat.
All event data will be taken into account after the event, and rewards will be sent to your "Gift box" accordingly.





Shop items

During the sales period, Gate-Aid will be available at the in-game Store.

Cost 500 Gems
Purchase Limit A maximum of 3 purchases within the Sales Period.
Sales Period

Please Note

Please note there may be changes made without prior notice.

Demons you persuade to become your ally will not be taken into account.

Faction rewards will only be sent to players who have defeated a target demon at least once.

The data of players involved with prohibited activities will be excluded from the Rankings process, and measures will be taken based on our Terms of Use.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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