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Ver.4.2.00 Update Info ①Game Features Update

Ver.4.2.00 Update Info ①Game Features Update

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

We would like to announce the game will be updated to [Ver.4.2.00] on July 19, 2021 (Mon).
Detailed schedule of the maintenance will be announced at a later date.

Update Info ①Game Features Update

Due to the size of this update, we will be bringing you this information on two separate pages.
This page will include the following information.

1Introducing the new 3D dungeon, "Tokyo Abyss"!
25★ Tyrant Beelzebub (GRADE 97) now available through Multi-Fusion.

See also: Ver.4.2.00 Update Info ②New Armament / ③Balance Adjustments

Tokyo Abyss (Beta)

"Tokyo Abyss" appears as reality merges with Hell in Alter-World.
The Threat of Extinction looms.
A new battle begins as you fight to save Tokyo from being consumed by Hell...


Tokyo Abyss is a new 3D dungeon that appears in Alter-World.
Explore, Talk, Fuse, Train and Battle by yourself while seeing how deep you can advance.

* This will be treated as a "beta" version in Ver.4.2.00. We are planning to officially add new features and functions in the future.


When starting out, you will be able to choose your first ally from a list of demons.

Other demons can be obtained, trained and added to your party in this dungeon.

Demons obtained in this dungeon cannot be used anywhere else.


Your sword and shield will be available to you.

During battles, you may swap out your sword, but not your shield. Outside of battles, you'll be able to make changes even in the field.

You will automatically receive Backup Shield Bonuses for extra shields in your inventory.

This includes HP, Phys DEF and Mag DEF boosts, as well as resistance effects for each attribute and other bonuses.


This dungeon has many forked paths and you will be given choices as to where to go next.

Several kinds of rooms exist in this dungeon where each will trigger an event.

Skill Transfer: Transfer Skills to demons you own.

Demon Talk: Talk to demons you encounter for a chance to turn them into allies.

Demon Fusion: Fuse together demons you own to create new ones.

The Conjunction: Fuse and create demons not according to any Fusion Chart.

Spring of Healing: Heals party members' HP.

You cannot return to a room after exiting it.


Starts a battle with an enemy. Advance to the next section by defeating bosses.

Winning battles will raise the levels of both the main character and your party demons.

Besides leveling, you'll be able to choose enhancements for the main character, as well as Stigmata that provide boosts for your entire party.

Start Over

If it becomes too difficult to progress in this dungeon, you can Start Over and retrain your demons from the beginning.

Your deepest section reached for the season will be reset.


Clearing specific sections of the dungeon will let you collect Essence of Sin and spend them to perform Sin Infusion, which will increase your demons' stats.

You can obtain a reward based on the deepest section you've reached by the end of the season.

You can obtain Souls for the demons that are in your party at the end of the season.


This dungeon will only be open during certain periods and your progress will be reset each time.

The inaugural opening will occur as follows. Further details will be released at a later date.
7/20/2021 (Tue) after the maintenance...

New Demons

In Ver. 4.2.00, the new demon, 5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (GRADE 97), can be created through Multi-Fusion.

5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (Human)
(GRADE 86)


4★ Tyrant Beelzebub
(Common / GRADE 68)

Fusion Cost: Magnetite × 1,000,000

5★ Tyrant Beelzebub
(GRADE 97)

Premium Skills owned by 5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (Human) (GRADE 86) will be lost during Fusion, so make sure to harvest them beforehand.

The Archetype of 5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (GRADE 97) created through Multi-Fusion will depend on the Archetype of 5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (Human) (GRADE 86) used for Fusion.

5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (GRADE 97), 5★ Tyrant Beelzebub (Human) (GRADE 86) and 4★ Tyrant Beelzebub (GRADE 68) cannot be a part of the same party.

King of HellUnique SkillPassive

Heals 800 HP upon receiving the first killing blow.
Activates the following Chain Effect when attacking first at the beginning of a battle: Recovers 3 MP. Increases own Party's ATK by 20% and reduces DEF of all enemies by 20%. (3 turns)
Activates the following Chain Effect at the beginning of a battle if the enemy attacks first: Reduces 1 enemy Press Turn Icon. +20% to DEF of all party members and reduces ATK of all enemies by 20%. (3 turns)
*Only up to 2 Press Turn Icons can be reduced by skills or effects.

Death FlyersUnique SkillActiveMP: 8Uses: ∞

Inflicts Almighty (Magic) damage (Power: 110) on all enemies and reduces ATK, DEF and EV/AC of all enemies by 20% if the attack is successful. (3 turns)
*Nullifies all death prevention skills.
This skill will gain 1 Boost level at the start of own turn.

[Boost Level: 1] No extra effect.
[Boost Level: 2] Increases Power to 130.
[Boost Level: 3] 100% chance to inflict Bind on hit enemies if the attack is successful.

Lv2:+3% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv3:+6% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv4:+9% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv5:+12% to damage dealt using this skill.
Lv6:+12% to damage dealt using this skill. + MP cost of this skill -1.

Spirit Merge

Panel Completion Bonus Step Bonus
1 Activates the following Chain Effect when own HP is at 80% or under at end of enemy turn: Heals 25% of own HP and recovers 3 MP. HP: +250
2 Adds Null Mute, Null Bind and Null Charm. Mag ATK: +100
3 +20% to Almighty damage. +20% to max HP. HP: +250

Cannot Summon with Karma or Talk to make them your ally.

Sin Infusion

Pandemonium: Sin Infusion will be added to Infusion as new enhancement function.

Essence of Sin will appear as a new item in Tokyo Abyss, which can be spent to enhance the stats of your demons.

Each stat will have an enhancement limit alongside two limits for all enhancements in total, and these limits will vary based on Rarity.

Purge Extract can be spent to reverse the effects of Sin Infusion.

Story Quest

Chapter 11 will be added to Season 2 of the Story!

If Chapter 10 in Season 2 of the Story has already been cleared, the icon for Chapter 11 will appear on the Map.

Dx2 Duel

DEFENSE LOG will be added to the DEF LOG screen.

You will be able to check detailed defense results and information here.


Demon Grades have been added as part of drop rate lists.

Other changes

Certain other issues will be resolved.

See also: Ver.4.2.00 Update Info ②New Armament / ③Balance Adjustments

Please Note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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