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[Updated 9/15] Regarding 3.5 Year Anniv. Festival Summons / Incomplete Information

[Updated 9/15] We are currently processing applications that have been sent in by users.
We are processing applications in the order we received them, so we ask for your patience in the meantime if your application has not yet been processed.
We apologize for taking your time with regards to this matter.

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

Regarding the 3.5 Year Anniv. Festival Summons, which started on 8/11/2021 (Wed), we have become aware that the information in the announcement regarding the "featured lineup of 5★ demons" was incomplete and subsequently made additions to this lineup on 8/12/2021 (Thu) 9:45 PDT.
We apologize for any misunderstandings this may have caused to the players who performed these Summons.

We will be handling this issue in the following manner.

Resolution details

Applicable players
Players who performed any 3.5 Year Anniv. Festival Summons before the announcement was revised on 8/12/2021 (Thu) 9:44 PDT and summoned a 5★ demon that was not included in the original announcement.

Resolution details
We will be exchanging these 5★ demons that were not included in the original announcement for specialized Summon Files that can summon the 5★ demons that were included in the original announcement.
In the event you have multiple, they can be exchanged for an equal number of these Summon Files.

Regarding the distribution and use of specialized Summon Files

After we receive your demons and complete our investigation, we will be distributing these Summon Files in the order that we receive your inquiries.

These Summon Files are scheduled to become usable following the data update on 8/25/2021 (Wed).

Note regarding exchanges for 5★ demons

In the event that you no longer own the 5★ demon you wish to exchange due to having its Premium Skill extracted, been sold or used for Fusion, Divination Fusion, Spiritize, Skill Transfers, Enhance, Evolve and such, it will be considered inapplicable to this process.

EXP, items and other resources spent towards enhancing a 5★ demon that was summoned will not be returned.

We ask that you please make sure to remove any Brands and such equipped to the 5★ demon you wish to exchange.

Specialized Summon lineup

Demon Name Rate
5★ Vile Demiurge (GRADE 99) 10.000%
5★ Deity Vairocana (GRADE 93) 10.000%
5★ Deity Atavaka (GRADE 84) 10.000%
5★ Yoma Master Therion (GRADE 82) 10.000%
5★ Tyrant Hecate (GRADE 81) 10.000%
5★ Lady Kali (GRADE 89) 4.166%
5★ Lady Xi Wangmu (GRADE 86) 4.166%
5★ Fairy Demonee-Ho (GRADE 84) 4.166%
5★ Night Maya (GRADE 86) 4.166%
5★ Herald Gabriel (GRADE 88) 4.166%
5★ Herald Raphael (GRADE 87) 4.166%
5★ Herald Uriel (GRADE 86) 4.166%
5★ Herald Aniel (GRADE 85) 4.166%
5★ Hero Tokisada (GRADE 92) 4.166%
5★ Hero Guan Yu (GRADE 85) 4.166%
5★ Fiend Mother Harlot (GRADE 95) 4.166%
5★ Fiend Daisoujou (GRADE 81) 4.166%

* These Summon probabilities have been rounded and may not add up to exactly 100%.

How to Apply

We ask any Players who wish to participate in this exchange to please send in an Application Form and make sure to include the name of the applicable 5★ demon when filling it out.

Application Period
Until 9/29/2021 (Thu) 7:59 PDT
* Any applications that we receive will be processed regardless of the when this period ends.

These inquiries can be found by selecting General Inquiry (Global).

We will process each application in the order that we receive them and investigate each Summon result.
This process may take some time until it is fully completed. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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