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Get up to 20 Berserk Summon Files!

Get up to 20 Berserk Summon Files! "Berserk Collaboration Login Bonus" Incoming!


1Chance to get the collaboration characters!
Get up to 20 Berserk Summon Files!


This time, the expiration date will not be extended even if you log in during the Event Period. Please be sure to log in during the scheduled period.

* Berserk Summon Files will become invalid when Berserk Summon expires.

ベルセルク コラボ召喚

Login Bonus

The following items will be sent to your Gift Box upon initial login daily according to the amount of days you have logged in within the event period.

Day Reward
1 Berserk Summon File × 5
2 Time-limited Monster Dew × 1
3 Berserk Summon File × 5
4 Time-limited Monster Dew × 1
5 Berserk Summon File × 5
6 Time-limited Monster Dew × 1
7 Berserk Summon File × 5

Time-limited Monster Dew
Use to recover Stamina during a limited period. Recovers the same amount of Stamina as regular Monster Dew.
These will expire on .

Please Note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

The Berserk Summon Files you own will be lost when the Berserk Summon expires

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team


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