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Aura Gate SP

Aura Gate SP "Sun of Sepharvaim" Event Coming Soon!

In the dead of winter, Tokyo is hit
with a mysterious heat wave. Meanwhile,
a certain demon hatches their evil scheme.


1Explore this special Aura Gate and gather "Light Stone" items to get great rewards like items and exclusive Titles!
2Rankings for both collected Points and "Light Stone" items will also be available!
3This event will include music from "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI V"!


This event will be held in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

The ranking for collected Light Stone items, as well as certain Missions, will be held in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

The highest Score obtained during the entire event period will be counted as part of the high score ranking.

Event period: Part 1

Event period: Part 2

Item Exchange Expiration Time

How to get to the Event screen

You can get to the Event screen through the Event Home, which can be accessed by tapping on the Pixie icon on the right side of both the Home screen and the Hideout.
Then tap the banner for this event in the Event Home during the event period to get to the Event screen.
You can also get to the Event screen by tapping on the "Aura Gate SP" button in the Aura Gate menu which can be accessed through Map on Menu.

How to play Aura Gate SP






Stamina will be spent to start an Aura Gate SP run,

not the Action Points from normal Aura Gates.
The Action Points specific to Aura Gate SP will be refreshed at the start of every run.

As you explore, Treasure Chests that contain a random amount of Points may appear.
It is possible to get a large sum of points from Treasure Chests depending on luck...
* May or may not appear.

SP Effects

The following demons have SP Effects that give the boost effects during the event period. You will gain more "Points" than usual from battles if you explore Aura Gate SP with the party the following demon(s) assigned to.

Points +80%
EXP +100%
Macca +15%
5★ Fallen Adramelech (GRADE 85)
Points +20%
EXP +25%
Macca +2%
Part 1:
5★ Lady Kali (GRADE 89)
5★ Lady Xi Wangmu (GRADE 86)
5★ Lady Cybele (GRADE 85)
5★ Lady Asherah (GRADE 83)
5★ Lady Black Maria (GRADE 80)
4★ Lady Skadi (GRADE 67)
4★ Lady Kikuri-Hime (GRADE 60)
3★ Lady Isis (GRADE 54)
3★ Lady Kushinada (GRADE 47)
3★ Lady Pele (GRADE 40)
5★ Jirae Gogmagog (GRADE 80)
4★ Jirae Tlaltecuhtli (GRADE 66)
4★ Jirae Titan (GRADE 60)
3★ Jirae Kwancha (GRADE 46)
3★ Jirae Hua Po (GRADE 40)
2★ Jirae Kodama (GRADE 22)
1★ Jirae Koropokkur (GRADE 12)
Part 2:
5★ Deity Vishnu (GRADE 97)
5★ Deity Ardha (GRADE 95)
5★ Deity Vairocana (GRADE 93)
5★ Deity Baal (GRADE 86)
5★ Deity Mahamayuri (GRADE 85)
5★ Deity Atavaka (GRADE 84)
5★ Deity Amaterasu (GRADE 82)
4★ Deity Odin (GRADE 73)
4★ Deity Prometheus (GRADE 67)
3★ Deity Mitra (GRADE 55)
3★ Deity Horus (GRADE 49)
4★ Holy Sphinx (GRADE 76)
4★ Holy Sleipnir (GRADE 62)
3★ Holy Baihu (GRADE 48)
3★ Holy Apis (GRADE 44)
3★ Holy Unicorn (GRADE 42)
2★ Holy Heqet (GRADE 27)

The demons listed above are shown in their base rarity.

The SP Effect icon will only appear during the event period.

If you assign multiple demons with SP Effects to your party, their boost effects will be combined.

The Points that you gain outside of battles, such as Treasure Chests and item drops will not be affected.

The boost effects for EXP and Macca Gain will also take effect outside of this event during the event period.

The EXP boost will only affect the demon with the SP Effect. It does not affect other demons or the entire party in any way.

Light Stone and Burning Cube

The player will receive "Light Stone" items based on the "Points" they earned through exploration.
500 Light Stone items can then be exchanged for 1 "Burning Cube" item. Up to 600 Burning Cube are available.

By opening a "Burning Cube", the player will be able to receive one of the following items at random.

Ara Mitama
Nigi Mitama
Kusi Mitama
Saki Mitama


Clearing missions will yield rewards.

Examples (Missions):
- Earn 1500 points in one run
- Accumulate a total of 10,000 points
- Open 10 Burning Cube... and more!

* Missions with the words "event total" will be available through all parts of the event.

* Missions with the words "Part 1" and "Part 2" will only be available during their respective period.

Commemorative Summon File
Reward Title: Insatiable Sun God
Time-limited Monster Dew
Fire Prana Genome
Burning Cube

Lavish Brand Cube

5★ Fire PranaPassive
+15% to Fire damage and recovers 5 MP when clearing a wave.

Time-limited Monster Dew
Use to recover Stamina during a limited period. Recovers the same amount of Stamina as regular Monster Dew.
These will expire on .

Commemorative Summon File

Commemorative Summon Files obtained through this event can be used to perform Commemorative Summon!

Commemorative Summon File

Commemorative Summon Files used for performing Commemorative Summon will only be valid until. Please remember to use them before they expire.

Light Stone Ranking

You will receive rewards based on your final ranking of total Light Stone items collected.
This ranking event will be held in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

You will be rewarded all the Titles beneath your final ranking as well.

Rank Reward Item
1 to
Part 1:
Part 2:
Reward Title: The Sun I Seeketh
1,001 to
Part 1:
Part 2:
Reward Title: Scorching Winter
10,001 to
Part 1:
Part 2:
30,001 to
Part 1:
Part 2:

High Score Ranking

Rankings for the highest score obtained during the entire event period.

10 Burning Cubes will be awarded to players ranked within 999,999.

Please Note

Please note there may be changes made without prior notice.

A player can only hold up to 1 SP Ticket at a time. So if the player already possesses an SP Ticket, no additional ticket will be distributed.

Action Points will not be carried over to the next run in Aura Gate SP.

Item Drops in Aura Gate SP are not affected by the Moon Phase.

When you Lose or Retreat in Battle in Aura Gate SP, the progress you made for Challenges in the battle will become forfeit.

The results for Challenges that require the player to defeat a specific amount of certain enemies in battle will be tallied at the end of the battle.

To view the amount of Light Stone items you have collected, please go to the Event screen.

You will lose all your Light Stone items when the event expires.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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