08/03/2022 00:00

Appearance of the Godly Limited Daily Quest!


1A special Daily Quest available for a limited time only!
2Get a "Shaddai Spirit" every day!


* Daily Quests reset at 8:00 PDT every day.

How to access Daily Quests

You can get to the Event screen through the Event Home, which can be accessed by tapping on the Pixie icon on the right side of the Home screen. Then tap the Daily Quests banner in the Event Home to access Daily Quests.


Clear the Limited Daily Quest to obtain the following rewards.

1st Clear Reward

Clear Reward
EXP × 13,420

Drop Reward

Aether and Brands assortment (Total of 10)

Please Note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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