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27th season of Tokyo Abyss to be held!

27th season of Tokyo Abyss to be held!


1See how deep you can advance by yourself in this dungeon!
2Get more Rewards by advancing deeper!


Deployment Period

Item Exchange Expiration Time

* After the Deployment Period ends, the Results Calculation Period will start and last until .


During the exchange period, Rewards will be sent to your Gift Box when you access Home screen. Please be aware that this exchange period for Rewards is shorter than normal.

Deepest Floor Reward:
Rewards distributed according to the deepest floor reached by end of the deployment period.

Final Party Reward:
You can obtain Souls for the demons that are in your party as a Reward at the end of the deployment period.


These Missions can be completed by reaching specific floors and you will receive the following Rewards.
These Missions can only be cleared once during the event period.

Gems: Gems that can be used for many things, including summoning.

Demon Compound: Spritual essence of demons used for upgrading Armaments.

Essence of Sin: Essence that can be used to enhance demons in Sin Infusion.

Gifts: Give Gifts to your demons to increase your Bond Points with them.

Please Note

Please note that there may be changes made without prior notice.

Violation of our terms of service during the event may result in the suspension of your account, immediate or otherwise.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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