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Take Back Tokyo Event

Take Back Tokyo Event "A Sleeping Kingdom Awakened" Coming Soon!


1Explore the Map to obtain rewards!
2Get items for Devil Connector to play Event!


This event will be held in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

・Certain Event Missions will reset between the two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.
・The ranking for collected items will be held in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.
・Following the start of Part 2, new Spots will be added to the Map.
・Spots can only be captured during the Event Period.

Event period: Part 1

Event period: Part 2

■Item Exchange Expiration Time
Until まで

How to Play the Event

Play Leveling Quests and Brands of Sin
to collect !
Collect Brands of Sin efficiently!


Capture Spots and participate in the collected item ranking
to earn rewards!

Navigating the Map

Capturing Spots

 *Example image. 

Spots adjacent to the Start point or Spots adjacent to any captured Spots may be taken over.
Tap Capture to take control of applicable Spots.
Multiple Spots can also be captured simultaneously.

Rewards may also be earned through capturing.

The main route is marked in a different color, making it easier to identify the route to the boss.

Spot Types

The following types of Spots will be available.

The first Spot that you capture will need to be adjacent to the Start point.

Standard Spots
Standard Spots that require to captuire.
Reward items will appear on the Spot.
The more elaborate a Spot's design is, the greater the rewards it will yield.

Special Spots
Spots that require sets of Special Missions or certain other Missions to be cleared in order to capture.
Special Missions can be cleared by capturing adjacent Spots.
If any adjacent Spots have not been captured, they cannot be cleared.

Dark Spot
Spend to captuire.
Reward info will remain unknown until it is captured.
The more elaborate a Spot's design is, the greater the rewards it will yield.

Boss Spot
Spots that require sets of battles or certain other battles to be cleared in order to capture.
Rarer items not available from other Spots can be obtained.

Resource Spot
Spots where can be spent to endlessly obtain rewards.

More Spots will be added in Part 2 of the event!
Keep capturing Spots to obtain a variety of Rewards!

Items obtainable from Dark Spot

The following items can be obtained at random from Dark Spots.

In-battle Stories

Boss Spots with Story icons will have special stories arise when certain timings or requirements are met during battles, as well as when certain demons are included in you party (excluding Support Demons)!
And special effects may even activate when certain choices are made during these episodes...?

See here for details regarding story functions.

Include Throne in your party while capturing a Spot added during Part 2 and...!

SP Effects

The following characters have SP Effects that give boost effects during the event period. You will gain more from battles if you have them assigned to your party.

EXP +100%
Macca +15%
5★ Haunt Kumbhanda
EXP +25%
Macca +2%
Part 1

5★ Zeus
5★ Vishnu
5★ Vishnu[Dimensional]
5★ Kalki
5★ Gozu-Tennoh
5★ Ardha
5★ Odin[Dimensional]
5★ Vairocana
5★ Unit 01: Dx2 Type
5★ Meliodas
5★ Apsu
5★ Lugh
5★ Hachiman
5★ Indra
5★ Baal
5★ Mahamayuri
5★ Osiris
5★ Atavaka
5★ Amaterasu
4★ Odin
4★ Prometheus
3★ Mitra
3★ Horus

3★ Vetala
3★ Chatterskull
2★ Legion
2★ Pisaca
2★ Poltergeist
2★ Mou-Ryo
1★ Obariyon
1★ Preta

Part 2

5★ Okuninushi
5★ Hinokagutsuchi
5★ Marici
5★ Futsunushi
5★ Thor
5★ Thor[Dimensional]
5★ Sukuna-Hikona
5★ Sukuna-Hikona[Dimensional]
4★ Zhong Kui
4★ Bishamonten
4★ Jikokuten
3★ Koumokuten
3★ Zouchouten
2★ Take-Minakata

5★ Kali
5★ Kali[Dimensional]
5★ Xi Wangmu
5★ Cybele
5★ Asherah
5★ Black Maria
4★ Skadi
4★ Kikuri-Hime
3★ Isis
3★ Kushinada
3★ Pele

5★ Old Ones
3★ Mad Gasser
2★ Shadow
2★ Black Ooze
2★ Jack the Ripper
2★ Blob
1★ Phantom
1★ Slime

The demons listed above are shown in their base rarity.

The icon showing the boost effects will only appear during the event period.

If you assign multiple demons with SP Effects to your party, their boost effects will be combined.

The boost effects for EXP and Macca Gain will also take effect outside of this event during the event period.

The EXP boost will only affect the demon with the SP Effect. It does not affect other demons or the entire party in any way.

Event Missions

Daily Missions

Missions that can be cleared every day during the event period.

Missions Reward
Log in
Use 10 Stamina
Finish all Daily Missions

Main Missions

Missions that can be cleared during the event period.

Event Total

Missions Reward
Finish all Daily Missions 5 times
Finish all Daily Missions 10 times
Capture 10 Spots
Capture 15 Spots
Capture 20 Spots
Capture 30 Spots
Capture 40 Spots
Capture 50 Spots
Capture 60 Spots
Capture 75 Spots Title: Disrupter of Sleep
Capture 85 Spots
Capture 100 Spots
Capture 125 Spots
Capture 150 Spots
Capture 200 Spots
Capture 250 Spots
Capture 275 Spots
Capture 300 Spots
Capture 330 Spots
Capture 360 Spots
Capture 400 Spots Title: Fretful Kumbhanda

Part 1

Missions Reward
Use 50 Stamina
Use 100 Stamina
Use 300 Stamina
Use 500 Stamina

Part 2

Missions Reward
Use 50 Stamina
Use 100 Stamina
Use 300 Stamina
Use 500 Stamina

Embattle Brand Cube 5★:
Includes multiple 5★ Embattle Brands. Obtain 5 Brands from the lineup at random.

Embattle Brand Cube 6★:
Includes multiple 6★ Embattle Brands. Obtain 5 Brands from the lineup at random.

Collection Ranking

You will receive rewards based on your final ranking of total items collected.

Reward Item

Rank Reward
1 to
Part 1
Part 2
1,001 to
Part 1
Part 2
10,001 to
Part 1
Part 2
30,001 to
Part 1
Part 2

Reward Title

Rank Reward
1 to
Let Me Drain Your Energy!
1,001 to
Gourd Demon
10,001 to

* You will be rewarded all the Titles beneath your final ranking as well.

Strategic Tips

Whenever you are not sure about which Spot to capture...

Try searching for the rewards you are after on the Map, press and hold that Spot to check its requirements.

Capturing Boss Spots with Story icons on them

is another recommended option.

Please Note

Collected items will not be displayed on your item list. To view the amount you have collected, please go to the Event screen.

You will lose all your items when the event expires.

Please note there may be changes made without prior notice.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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