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[Ver.3.2.00] Update Info (9/7 Added)

[Ver.3.2.00] Update Info (9/7 Added)

Thank you for playing "SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2".

Here we would like to introduce to you the changes made to the game for the upcoming [Ver 3.2.00] through the maintenance scheduled for 9/2/2020 (Wed) PDT. Detailed schedule of the maintenance will be announced at a later date.

Update Info


Alter-World is the new game feature implemented in the Ver.3.2.00 update.
Players will be able to equip Armament to their avatar and fight in battles.

Customize your avatar's stats and skills with different Armament to clear Quests.

*To find out more about the story of this new game feature, we recommend playing through Chapter 7 Alternate of Season 1.

Requirement to unlock

Alter-World unlocks when the Order "Clear Story Ch. 3" is completed.
If the requirement has already been met, Alter-World will automatically be available after the update.

Alter-World can be accessed through the Map or the expanded MENU list.

Use your avatar in battle

The base stats of your Avatar can be shifted by choosing a Battle Style.
Change your Battle Style to compliment your party buildup or adapt to enemy types.

A battle party in Alter-World Quests is generally made up of your avatar and 3 demons.

If your avatar is downed, the battle will be lost even if the demons in your party are alive.

The commands your avatar can use in battle are Attack, Pass and Active Skills of equipped Armament.

The Item command is also available to your avatar as well.

Alter-World: Bureau of Divination

Divination Fusion

In Bureau of Divination selectable from the home screen of Alter-World, the player can make Armament (Swords/Shields).

Demons are used as material when making Armament (Swords/Shields), and the material demon will be lost in the process.

*Incompatible demons and Spirit Merged demons cannot be used in Divination Fusion.

Armament Upgrade

In Bureau of Divination selectable from the home screen of Alter-World, the player can upgrade owned Armament (Swords/Shields).

Base Stat Upgrade

Consumes "Demon Compound" items collectable from Alter-World Quests.

Upgrade Armaments to raise stats and unlock skills.

There is a success rate to upgrading Armament after the Upgrade Level of an Armament reaches a certain level.

A way to upgrade Armaments with Spirits of your choosing is planned for a future update.

Spirit Merge:

Spirit Merge can be performed on Armament with a rarity of 5★ to gain Step Bonuses and Completion Bonuses.

As with demons, there are 3 Panels to each Armament, but they can only be unlocked in the order of 1→2→3.

Spirit Merge will cost Spirits of the same demon as the Armament is made from to perform.

The required amount of Spirits to perform Spirit Merge on Armament is as follows (with some exceptions).

Panel Required
1 1 Step: 10
(Panel: 100)
2 1 Step: 10
(Panel: 100)
3 1 Step: 20
(Panel: 200)

Alter-World: Swords/Shields

There are 3 major factors to Armaments (Sword/Shield).



Mainly attack Stats.

Phys ATK/Mag ATK increase rate

Damage increase rate for specific Attributes

Phys AC

Critical hit rate


Mainly defense stats.

HP increase rate

Damage reduction rate for specific Attributes

Phys DEF rate

Mag DEF rate

Powerful Passive Skills for Armaments.


Mainly buffs for all party members.
Can be used as a base to determine party builds.


The Elemental Affinity of your avatar.
High rarity Shields may have effects that can raise the base stats of your avatar.


Sword A maximum of 3 Active Skills.
Shield A maximum of 3 Passive Skills.

The third skill will be a powerful skill that is unlocked by raising the Armament's Upgrade Level.

Alter-World: Demonite

Equippable items that can power up your avatar. They will be available in Alter-World Quests.

Each will have 1 Passive Skill and 2 stat boosts varying in type and power depending on the item.

Up to 3 Demonite can be equipped simultaneously.

The highest rarity for Demonite is 6★. Quests with a higher difficulty will yield Demonite with higher rarity.

Alter-World: Quests

There are 2 types of Quests in Alter-World.

Demonite Mine:

Costs a Demonite Radar to play. 1 Demonite Radar will be distributed to the player each day.

Guaranteed to obtained Demon Compound and Demonite when cleared.

Attribute Quests:

Costs Stamina to play.

Quests for Phys, Fire and Ice will be available. Each type of Quests will contain enemies with specific weakness and Elemental attacks. More types of Attribute Quests are planned for future updates.

Some Quests will show a story cutscene when you clear them.

Demon Compound, Demonite and Brands of the new Set types Destruct and Lost can be obtained as well.

The final Quest of each Attribute type is high in difficulty and will potentially yield better items.

Alter-World: Break System

The enemies in Alter-World battles will use skills that have weakened Pierce effects.
That is why the new Break System is essential to winning battles.

Build up your Break Gauge by meeting certain requirements in battle. When it reaches 100%, you will enter a state of Overbreak, increasing the damage you inflict.

The number of moves you have during Overbreak depends on the number of allies that are alive when you enter Overbreak. (2 moves per surviving ally and 8 moves at max)

If an enemy successfully attacks your weakness, you will lose part of the Break Gauge you have built up.

When entering Overbreak, all party members will recover a certain amount of MP.

Requirements for building up your Break Gauge can be confirmed through the Menu in battle.

Alter-World: Existing Skills

Some existing Skills will be restrained in Alter-World battles.

Skills Restraints
Repel Pierce
Drain Pierce
War Aid
Will have no effect
Tag Will not activate

Restraint info for these skills will be added to their Skill description.

Fractional damage will not be affected by stat/damage increase or reduction effect, but affected by damage reduction with enemy's shield in Alter-World.
The examples of the skills which will not effect on fractional damage:
- Damage increase effect by the skills such as Butcher.
- DEF status reduction effect by the skills such as Rakunda.
For details on fractional damage, please see Settings > How to Play > Contents > Edit > Demon > Skills

Due to the addition to the description of fractional damage in "How to Play" page, the descriptions of the following skills will be adjusted. The actual effect of the skill is not affected.

Blade of Terror, Soul Divide, Pestilence, Famine, Plague, Last Resort, Give me Jewels?, Do Me A Favor, Play With Me?, Be My Friend


New types of Brands will be available in Alter-World Attribute Quests.

Set Type Effects
Destruct 1 Set: Phys ATK +5%
Increases Phys ATK
Lost 1 Set: Mag ATK +5%
Increases Mag ATK.

*Destruct and Lost Brands cannot be obtained through Brand Cubes.


New items will be added to the item lineup of the Exchange. [Details]

Players will be able to exchange specific Summoning Bonus items like Tome of Masakado and Wings of Judgement for Parchment Pieces from the Items list.

Players will be able to sell Skill Genomes for Karma.

1★: Karma × 1
2★: Karma × 2 1
3★: Karma × 5
4★: Karma × 100
5★: Karma × 500 1000
Corrected the amount of Karma obtained by selling Skill Genomes. For players who have sold 2★ Skill Genome before correction, we will send 1 Karma per a Skill Genome as compensation at a later date. [9/4 5:25 added PDT]
Distribution is complete.[9/7 23:40 added PDT]


A Time Limited tab will be added to the Summoning Portal menu.
Summons that are for a limited time only will be listed under this tab.

When performing a summon that includes Bonus Items, the Bonus Items obtained will be shown in the result screen.

For summons with 10 pulls like the Step-Up Summons, the guaranteed pulls will be moved to the rear.

A 5★ Hell Summon with a lineup consisting of only the 5★ demons in Hell Summon will be available. Performing a 5★ Hell Summon will cost "5★ Hell Bun x50". 5★ Hell Buns can be obtained from the Exchange (Karma).


A link to the Event Home (Pixie icon) will be added to the Main Menu.

A link to the Exchange will be added to the Main Menu extension.

A link to the Home screen of Alter-World and Bureau of Divination will be added to the Main Menu extension.


In Brands (Pandemonium), a function to remove all Brands from a demon will be added.

In Transfer (Pandemonium), the base demon will no longer be deselected after combining points.


A new function that notifies the player about the Full Moon in Aura Gate 2 minutes prior will be added.

Tap on the Full Moon Notification Settings button in the Options to choose the time of day you want to be notified.

*Please be aware that Full Moon notifications will be sent to you even during maintenance.

Other changes

Switching the application icon to new design.

Changing background music for the title screen and the credit roll.

Other minor improvements to the UI and text.

Resolving issues.

The following issues will be resolved or alleviated.

The issue where Faction Members no longer in the Faction are listed in the Members list.

The issue where loading will not end when returning to an Aura Gate session from sleep mode.

The issue where the Magnetite received from Berserk Chests are not listed in the result screen that appears when exiting the Aura Gate.

The issue where the incorrect explanation was given on SP effects. [Details]

The issue where the battle speed of the opposing party is incorrectly displayed in certain parts of Dx2 Duel. [Details]

The display issue on certain Android platform devices. [Details]

The issue where Aura Gate Action Points do not recover as normal.[Details

The issue where executing the Clear Cache command on the Title screen will cause a defective reaction. [Details]

The issue where the cancel button for the Sort function does not work. [Details]

The issue where the notification icon does not appear on the Skill Extraction tab. [Details]

The issue where a warning message saying the max number of demons has been reached appears when summoning a demon from the Compendium. [Details]

The issue where when choosing to use a Skull Knight Soul, Yasaka Magatama 1★ is consumed instead. [Details]

The issue where the Battle Speed affected by the skill Epitome of endurance is different than the actual Battle Speed in batlle. [Details]

Please Note

Please note there may be changes made without prior notice.

"SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2" Operations Team

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